2 consecutive full-day workshops

feat. Joakim Karlsson & Dorka Banki

First workshop in Norway



Joakim Karlsson  is a professional photographer and workshop host. Not only a great photographer, but also an exellent educator. He has held numerous workshops in Sweden, Europe and Asia over the last years. And soon in Norway....Some find his model-pictures provocative for nudity, ignoring their artistic merit and quality.

































Dorka Banki is the chameleon among todays supermodels, in the lineage of  Linda Evangelista; always new hair, new look - spectacular at all times. For Norway she will feature a short, dark bob, and an unending dedication to produce the perfect image. Dorka is equally comfortable, and proficient, with Beauty, High Fashion, Nude-Art, and everything in between.



* Date: 27. & 28.  may 2017,  10-17 hrs.


* Where:  Ikon Studio, Brånåsveien 29, 2019 Skedsmokorset


* Model: Dorka Banki


* Photographer: Joakim Karlsson


* MUA: Ida Marie Wiggen


* Admission: NOK 2.950.


* Presentation of portfolios, and the participants.


Joakim will go  through the details of his studio setup:


* Camera, lights and props.

* Lighting setups.

* Posing.

* How to use these tools to realise your vision.


He will then do a photoshoot with Dorka to put theory into practice.


Lunch break.


Time for the participants to dive in. Each will do a one-on-one shoot with Dorka, with Joakim and studio staff assisting.


Joakim rounds off the day with a lecture on post-production. Retouch, skin enhancement, b&w conversion and much more.



Who will benifit from the workshop?


Photographers, amateur or pro, who wish to improve their skills and results with model photograpy.


What should you bring?

Your camera (or you can borrow ours), your own laptop with Photoshop, Lightroom or CaptureOne,  and an open, inquisitive mind...


These workshops only requires  medium photographic skills.

You are here to learn, right?



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Need more information? Questions? Mail us at  per@ikonstudio.no, and we get right back to you.